Monday, 31 January 2011

Where does your pet sleep?

If you look in a pet shop, either on the high street, or online, you'll see a wide variety of types of beds of every style and size, for dogs.
So how come I can't get one that my dogs will sleep on?
We have a couple of mattress style beds for them that take up floor space and the kids use as crash mats for their gymnastics practice. I once found our son asleep on the downstairs one but the lurcher prefers the sofa and the collie cross, the floor.

The cats now sleep in the utility room, as they rarely come in the house when the lurcher is home. They also have radiator beds hanging off a beam in the sun room which they love when the weather is warmer. We bought them some cute little cat tents, but they seem to prefer the dirty washing pile.
And even our rats are contrary when it comes to their beds. We have a rat hammock to hang in their cage but they like a selection of small, empty cardboard boxes on the ground to choose from. Their current favourite is an Innocent kids smoothie box as it comes ready made with a rat-sized hole.

Where do your pets sleep?

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  1. Boots Lurcher has a rigid plastic bed with a single duvet folded in half and a pillow in the base (for softness!). It fits him perfectly when he curls into it.

    Thing is, we've noticed that literally as soon as we turn the lights off and head upstairs, he leaves his comfy bed (did I forget to mention it's by the radiator) and lies instead on the leather sofa!