Friday, 14 January 2011

Thoughts of summer ( holidays)?

It's grey and damp in London atm and everywhere I look there is mud. I find myself scanning the weather forecasts looking for the next cold spell ( middle of next week apparently, if anyone is interested) but I'm what I'm really thinking about is summer, and where we are going on holiday.
A lot of people take their pets, especially dogs, on holiday with them but not us. We have 4 children and don't feel able to cope with the added stress that a couple of canines would involve. Besides, there would be no room for luggage in the car!
But even if you are not taking your pets away with you, please don't forget them in your holiday preparations. As soon as you have your dates booked, ring the kennels, cattery, pet or home sitter or check with the neighbour/friend who usually feeds them. Check their vaccinations are up to date and start tweaking their flea/worming schedule so they won't be due for a treatment while you are away. If your pet is microchipped, make sure the address the company has is up to date and if your pet isn't chipped, consider having it done. If you have no idea who your pet's chip is registered with, talk to your vet, they will be able to scan your pet and tell you which company you should be registered with.
If your pet is travelling with you, you need to check their vaccinations and passport ( if required) are all up to date. And having the correct address recorded against their microchip is obviously vitally important when they are away from home. Also do some research and write down the details of the closest vet to where you will be staying, just in case.
Sorting these details out now, and making a record of what you've organised will save you from panicking about pet-care closer to holiday time. You'll be able to spend your time stressing about packing and your passports instead!


  1. any good tips for taking an almost 10 month old puppy camping?

  2. I've not been camping with dogs in this country but if you have a read through threads such as this one
    You'll see the major problems seem to involve other people's dogs ( check if the site owner has dogs and whether they are allowed to wander around loose), keeping your dog secure ( a stake and lead or a crate seems to be essential. Some people talk about putting all their food in the crate!!!) and making sure you know where you can wash your dog down after she's rolled in something horrid.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes!