Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pets in the sun.

We all know this hot weather won't last long , in fact it's cooling down as I type, but please do check your pets have fresh water and shade available when it's this warm. You can put ice cubes in their water bowls or make them ice cubes with appropriate treats in to help cool them down. Oh and don't even think about leaving them in the car. My dogs start panting in the time it takes for me to turn the AC off and get them out of the car.
Check any caged pets twice a day as they can't escape if they are roasting away in their cage. If you have animals in hutches outdoors, you may have to change the position of the cages during the summer months. Our hutch is in a very sheltered area in the winter but it can't stay there during the summer otherwise we'd have baked piggies. They go into their run for the day and I make sure they always have some shade as they can't cope with extreme heat very well at all.
All the pets have slowed down at lot in these temperatures. The cats stay in the utility room where it's cool and the dogs can't get in. The dogs seem to fight for the small landing at the top of the big staircase. The old boy will need to have his coat clipped off if it is going to be a hot, hot summer. He has a typical collie coat, so looks stupid but feels much better if I get him shorn. Even the puppy isn't as energetic as usual.
I'm trying to walk them earlier than usual and we go to the woods rather than the fields where it feels cooler.
The only ones really happy are the fish.

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