Friday, 14 May 2010

Lawn update and bird watching

It seems the dog rocks do work. The brown patches on our lawn are receding and no new ones have appeared since we started putting rocks in the water bowls. Our major problem is keeping the rocks in the bowls; the kids keep taking them and using them in the sandpit or throwing them around the garden. One was adopted by my 4 yo as a pet and lived by her bed for a few days before I managed to find her an acceptable replacement.
I'll update again over the summer but so far it's a thumbs up for dog rocks from me.

We've been indulging in a little bird watching with a difference this spring. The Birdbox Project has over 100 schools with cameras in their nesting boxes so you can can watch birds build nests, hatch eggs and raise their babies. This is a good box to watch at the moment, but it's worth will taking a look at all the live feeds as they all show different views of the nests.

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