Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The cobblers children go worst shod

This old saying can be very true for vets.
I admit I have been guilty of ignoring symptoms in my pets in the past- telling myself they were nothing serious. Once, as a newish grad, I kidded myself that my frequently vomiting dog had a simple gastroenteritis. In fact he had eaten part of a shopping trolley wheel, and ended up having to be opened up to have part of his intestine removed.
At this point I'd like to assure you that I am much more careful these days, especially for my clients animals.

Anyhow, the thing I've been dragging the chain about atm is insurance.
I advise all my clients to get their pets insured and make sure they know the difference between annual and lifetime policies, and how much they are likely to need. But I have had a complete mental block about sorting insurance out for the pup, and in the end just went with the same insurer I have the old dog & cats with. ( A large supermarket chain that will be hereby known as T****) They have a more expensive policy than they used to have, which increases the cover to £4K per condition, rather than the measly £2K they offer for my older pets. There is no time limit on the conditions though- which is an improvement on the annual policy I have for the others.
Hopefully I will never have to use it but I will sleep easier, knowing that it's now done.

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