Wednesday, 2 March 2011

10 Memorable Pet names

These are some of  the more interesting names of patients I remember from over the years. The names are all quite clever and/or imaginative but all these pets had memorable personalities as well.

1/ Pitch and Persil- a pair of domestic moggies, one was all black, one was all white.
2/ A huge white hairy, quite frankly scary, crossbreed dog called  'Fluffy'. Apparently he had been tiny and very cute when he was a puppy. They didn't know he was going to grow to such a size and they let their daughter name him. There are several morals to this story.
3/ A  lovely orange cornsnake called 'Kellog'. He once escaped his tank and lived on mice in the loft for a few months before he was recaptured.
4/ Stevens. I called this cat 'Steven'  incorrectly for a couple of years before his incredibly nice owner corrected me and explained why I was wrong.
5/ A snake called Monty. Yes, of course he was a python.
6/ An African Grey parrot called Echo who lived with a psychotic rabbit called The Bunnyman.
7/ A very bad tempered but beautiful oriental cat called Seeayti. It took me ages to 'get' this one!
8/ A very friendly and enthusiastic dog called Sugar Ray. No prizes for guessing what breed he was.
9/ A vet nurse I once worked with had three cats called Abolic, Chable and Arrrh. If asked about their names, she'd state their first names were all 'cat'.
10/A three legged Bearded Dragon called Brucie. When I first met him he was an ordinary 4 legged dragon but one day his owners noticed he suddenly only had three legs. It was thought maybe a vivarium rock fell on him and severed his leg, which he then ate...

Anyone else got any good pet names?


  1. I had four chickens called Kentucky, Kiev, Korma and Kebab. Fox ate them all, hope they were as tasty as they sounded.

  2. Hannah wants reptiles next in her pet collection and I have said she can have one provided she calls it Eddie Lizzard!