Friday, 11 February 2011

Update on Henry and a New Feature.

I blogged about Henry last week. He was a 'retired' stud dog who was handed over to a breed rescue and rehomed with some clients of mine.
You can read about our first meeting here.
Yesterday, I visited to give him his second vaccination and it was lovely to see how happy and settled he was. He barked and wagged his tail at me, then allowed me to give him a really good rub along his side. He evidently enjoys human contact now as he leaned right into me as I patted him. His older 'sister' has completely accepted him now and he ran around the garden and house and played a lively game of tug-o-war with her while I was there. He wasn't thrilled with the vaccination itself  and moved away from me for a while, but he forgave me quickly enough and let me give him an ear rub as an apology.
He does have a tendency to circle when he's nervous or unsure about something, but this habit will probably disappear gradually as he forgets about his old life.
It's a lovely happy-every-after ending for a sweet little dog and although I had no part in this tale, except to come along at the end and stick a needle in him, I feel stupidly self-satisfied with how life has turned out for Henry.
 His owners are pretty thrilled with the outcome as well.

From next week, one of my 3 blogs will take the form of 'The Vet is Listening'. This will be an advice column where the vet will have time to answer your questions. If you have a problem with your pet or just an animal-related question, then email it to jacq(AT)thevisitingvet(DOT)co(DOT)uk or leave it as a comment. 
Obviously if  you are seriously worried about the health of your pet, you need to see your own vet as soon possible.

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