Wednesday, 27 January 2010

False alarm. New arrival take two!

The pup didn't make it here on Thursday.
About an hour into the journey, she managed to squeeze through a hole in the dog guard, ricochet around the vehicle and help herself to a belly full of food before becoming a danger by trying to sit in the driver's footwell. So her foster mum had to turn the car around and drive home.
There was much disappointment in the VV household. Even Mr VV, who has been less than enthusiastic about the whole enterprise, was disgruntled and the little VVs were extremely upset to come home from their piano lesson and discover no puppy.
The good news is that we have found a dog courier, who will bring her up and she should arrive today. I waiting for the text that will tell me she has been collected and is finally on her way home.
The dog taxi we are using quoted a very reasonable price- £100 less than the next cheapest. Some of the quotes we received were in excess of £400 , to transport a small puppy from Swansea to Middlesex. It was hard to be polite in reply to some of the quotes!!!
It doesn't sound like our newest family member is very good traveller, which is very common among puppies, so I hope she's not hugely traumatised by this journey. We go out in the car quite often, so she will have to get used to it if she's going to be part of this family. We may need to see if we can get a travel crate fitted in the car or at least find somewhere else to put the pushchair, so we can put the dogs in the boot. We don't have enough seats to fit a doggy seatbelt.
If you have dogs, how do they travel in your car?

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